thes•pi•an ( thĕs ' pē-ən ): (noun) A theatrical performer: actor, actress, player. The word is derived from the actor Thespis, who walked around ancient Athens pulling a handcart, setting up a type of a one-man play in which he showed the bad behaviour of man. His contemporary Solon resented him, believing that what he showed on stage would soon be acted out in reality, as well. Thespis is regarded as the first actor in history and the term "Thespians" became the universal name for professional actors.
Since it was founded in 1994, Thespians has established an outstanding reputation for providing experienced professional actors to the entertainment industry. Thespians is recognized as one of the premier league agencies of its kind. We represent actors in Film, Television, Stage, Industrial Theatre, Corporate Events, Commercials and Voice-Overs.


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Note to applicants: Minimal requirement is formal training in acting. 



Thespians would like to congratulate Anna-Mart van der Merwe on winning the Best Actress Award at the kykNET Silwerskermfees 2014 for Stuur Groete aan Mannetjies Roux


Thespians supports the Actors Club:

Thespians is a member of the Personal Managers' Association (PMA).  






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